Travelling in August

Prague: isn’t she beautiful?

We’ve spent the past week city (sometimes small town) -hopping through our sumer holidays. Four cities in three days, in fact. We’re busting through Central Europe as if it wasn’t 35 degrees outside, and as if those trains we were taking and that hostel we spent four nights in had air conditioning. As well as Inowrocaw, where we stayed a few days to attend the wedding of friends’, we whirled through Torun – birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus, did you know – Dresden and now we’re cooling our heels in Prague. 

Travelling in the middle of August is something I know you shouldn’t do – it’s hot, Prague especially is ridiculously crowded and it becomes blindingly obvious that you should have just gone to the beach instead. Or at least booked someplace with a swimming pool. 

Because it is still so hot. I may have made vague promises about not discussing the weather, but it’s barely dropped below 30 degrees in more than a month, something has to give. That wedding we went to? It was the hottest day of the year, perhaps even in a century, and we were trying to look put together and wedding guest worthy while wearing layers of clothes and makeup in 37 degree temperatures. 

Last week I spent a few hours in Warsaw where fire hoses had been set out in the main squares, sending a cool spray over anyone who wanted to get close. Matt got a sprinkling from a similar set up in Prague. And everywhere, any kind of fountain or running water display has become a waterpark for children, who run through the jets in whatever level of clothing or bathing suits to hand. 

Hot hot hot hot hot. We arrived home yesterday evening covered in that sticky layer of dried sweat and sunscreen so beloved of summer holidays. My hair was flattenend and matted against my head from the straw hat I had worn all day. And of course our legs were worn out and tired, because despite this heat we still walked all over the city. 

And today we will likely walk all over it again, because there is a skeleton in a church that I want to see and I got its resting place wrong yesterday. And because it’s both only our second and second-to-last day here in Prague. And this city isn’t going to see itself.