If you missed my previous post..

may have looked like I gave up blogging all together, but that’s simply not true. But I did take a break. Real life got pretty busy for a while, and this took a definite back seat. The break is now over, and you can read the fruits of my labour here and here.

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15 August is an Italian public holiday that apparently sees every Italian get in their car and head for the beach via the Autostrada. And not just for one day, August in general is the month of summer holidays, with plenty of businesses and restaurants closing down for a couple of weeks. The sign in this post is from a trattoria on my street who has joined the fun.

This year I’m joining the vacationing hoards, and am in Austria with one of the families I teach for two weeks before heading away again, after a quick stop back in Rovereto. Everything from the past two weeks, including this post was auto-cued up before I went away, so sorry for the Rome spam.. Things will likely be a little quiet around here from now until September so happy summering, everyone. Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, then happy spring!

I post photos of my journeys on Instagram before anything ends up here, so check me out at @hayleyprins