Saturday ramblings


One of the best ways to combat winter blues, in my opinion, is to wrap yourself in many layers of clothing and head out into the cold. Rovereto hasn’t even been that cold this past month, but that’s what we did Saturday a week or so ago, hiking up behind the city castle and into the valley beyond.

imageimageimageimagePainted alters everywhere.

Most of these photos are from Noriglio, a small town just beyond Rovereto. There are a number of almost identical towns as the road carries on, snaking around the side of the mountain.

imageimageimageimageThis last photo is looking back on southern Rovereto, the castle is just visible by the river. We have a small list of activities making up our bucket list – the things we want to do, or re-do, before moving on from Italy. This Saturday walk was one of those things, a short andata e ritorno (round trip) from Noriglio. By short: the signposted notice said the walk should take two to three hours. We busted it out in one, so either we are very fast or we missed a crucial section. We’re pretty sure its the former.

imageimageimageimageimageI’m pretty sure these chickens were up to no good, they were definitely plotting something by the hay shed (their coop was at the top of these steps).

We were looking for more than an hour’s walk so the last part of our outing took us into the bosco della citta, Rovereto’s city forest. The trees are still rather barren and brown because, as much as I would like to hope for it, spring just isn’t here yet. So we will be back 🙂


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