Isole Tremiti or, is it summer (again) yet?

Isole tremitiIsole tremitiIt’s already four months since I had my post-summer end-of-summer holiday down the east coast of Italy. When I wrote this post it was Autumn: daylight savings had ended a couple of weeks previously and the leaves had moved from green to red/brown/yellow and were falling from the trees in clumps.

It’s now the end of December, the trees are bare and the temperatures are a little frosty (no snow in sight, though), and I’m finally going to publish this post, result!

And even though I don’t miss the sweat that came with summer this year (seriously, so much sweat), I do still miss the long days and my daily gelato. Those Autumnal feelings were what made me finally sort my photos from that trip, meaning this post will be full of blue skies and blue seas.. bliss.

Isole TremitiIsole TremitiTanned Italians motoring out to sea

Early September I spent a couple of days visiting a friend in Termoli, Molise. From there we visited Isole Tremiti, a group of islands (an archipelago, fancy) in the Adriatic.

This was one of those mythical summer holidays that Matt and I rarely do – we spent our August in hot, dusty and crowded cities much further inland. Though, really, being squished up on a beach with the entire population in August also doesn’t sound that appealing. Much better to go in September when everyone else is back at work (spoken like a true lady of leisure) – the temperatures were still hot and the beaches not even half as crowded.

San Nicola Isole Tremitiisole TremitiIsole TremitiIsole TremitiThe first thing we did after arriving by boat from the mainland was to get on another boat, this one to take us on a tour around the islands. There were conversations about getting our own little private boat, but money, so we squished in with more tanned Italians instead.

Padre pio isole tremitiPadre Pio Isole Tremiti

We dove off the boat to swim over this underwater statue of Padre Pio. Unfortunately, none of us had brought goggles or a mask, so we couldn’t see anything so clear as this. We were able to make out the shape when the water was calm enough, so I can still claim it.

Isole TremitiWe swam at the crowded beach in the first photo, before returning to the main (?) island for lunch and a swim off these rocks. As well as goggles we were also missing water shoes, so getting in and out of the sea was a delicate operation. But worth it for that beautiful sea – the water was so clear and blue.

Nowhere else in Europe is my pale skin such a contrast to the rest of the population as it is in Italy. It was midway through this day that I noticed that I was one of very few on the boat/island wearing a t-shirt or a sunhat or, likely, sunscreen. I wrote this post at the end of that day.


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