The Saturday where we finally visited the weekly organic market

Strudel cooking class

Rovereto has a weekly organic market that, in our two and a half years of being here, we had never visited. For shame!

For the past year, we never managed to spend many Saturdays in Rovereto. This used to be because of my work (so pesky) but more recently it’s been because of a little bit of travel plus some of those bikes trips we’ve been doing with our newly freed Saturdays.

canaderli cooking classWe finally had a free Saturday and made plans to visit the market with a friend. Our trip in to the centre happened to coincided with an event, the purpose of which I don’t actually remember. It involved a fair bit of demonstrations from the local technical schools, and free bread. But what caught our eye was the cooking classes, because who doesn’t love a (free) cooking lesson? I’ve been halfheartedly attempting to take a class ever since we arrived in Italy, with this being my only success so far.

Because Trentino was until recently(ish) a part of Austria, and because our area is quite close to the Austrian border, the local cuisine still shows off some Austrian traits. That meant our cooking demonstrations (for I returned for a second) taught us the ways of apple strudel and canaderli.

canaderli cooking classFirst up the canaderli which (this version at least) was really rather simple. An egg, a stale bread roll, some Italian parsley and I think some milk. Here our lovely friend is showing off her perfectly formed creations, and Matt is likely thinking of lunch.

home made canaderli


strudel cooking classI was this excited to learn how to make strudel – check out that grin! My table companions clearly already knew how to make strudel, which would come in handy later on – and were practically finished before I had even started.

I’ll also just note here that all Italians seem to know how to peel and chop fruit and vegetables without the aid of a chopping board or peeler. I am in awe, especially because I have, on occasion, sliced fingers with knives and I am now slightly afraid of them. But Matt is going to buy me a folding picnic knife for my birthday, and I will learn.

strudel lessonsstrudel lessonsMy table companion was a master pastry roller. Her pastry was held up as an example for the rest of the class, and she then took over the rolling of my pastry (second photo). I was impressed, her, not so much with my pastry skills.

And no photo of the finished product (which was cooked in a professional bread oven), because meh. As much as I loved my home made strudel, and strudel in general, I do think apple pie is superior, and my strudel came out a little small and weeny looking.

We did also make it to the organic market that day where we were somewhat dismissively, but entertainingly, served by an old farmer. The Italian customers had conversations about what each item would be used for so the most appropriate piece of produce could be chosen. Whereas I had to nearly fight to get my rocket and, at the end, my total was handed to me on the receipt – because I was a foreigner (the implication being that I wouldn’t have understood). We plan to go back tomorrow :).


2 thoughts on “The Saturday where we finally visited the weekly organic market

  1. AnnaMarie Ignarro says:

    Ciao! I am going to Rovereto on Saturday for a little over a week for a music competition. I will be staying at a air bnb but i was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about the markets – when they are – how expensive, and what other food options are like !! Graize 🙂

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