Did you try turning it on and off?

If I’m completely honest about why there has been near radio silence around these parts, it’s because the WordPress app on my iPad stopped working. And because that’s how I read the blogs I follow, and ergo how I receive any motivation to publish anything myself, things were unintentionally paused. 
I blamed the app-inactivity on the two most recent Apple updates. And I have been patiently awaiting the corresponding app updates, which .. never quite came. So today I finally uninstalled and reinstalled the app, because I know how to take the initiative, and here we are. Nothing was broken and all is forgiven.

Last week I had a heart dropping moment when, having just received some urgent proofing work, I went to turn my laptop on: Nothing. Not even a pitiful light flash (the battery has been on the outs for the past year and a half, we’re living on borrowed time here). I called to Matt in a panic, while making sure all connections where properly connected. Luckily Matt was home, because who even knows what kind of hours he keeps. 

I left him to push buttons and check those connections and checked instead on the bread I was toasting in the oven. Strange, the light wasn’t on in the oven.. nor was the washing machine making its washing noises. Lightbulb moment (in my head, not the oven). It’s the power, it’s the power! I yelled to Matt, and sprinted excitedly down the stairs to fix the fuse. 

And that was how my day was suddenly brightened, because my computer wasn’t broken, and I could work. I need to get out more. Or get a job. Oh Italy, the tricks you play with that unstable power supply. 

We’re just starting our final six months here in Italy and I’m starting to run out of ideas, both on what to write here and what to do in my spare time. Actually I think what I’m really missing is the motivation and inclination. So ideas on any of the above are appreciated. 


3 thoughts on “Did you try turning it on and off?

  1. eggbanana says:

    I assume that Italy is filled with smokey little cafes where old people play confusing looking games. The sort of games where they laugh a lot, and slam plastic counters on the table, and wave money around while gumming at cigars and slapping each other on the back.

    You should totally approach them and learn how to play.

    • Smokey cafes? You best take that cigarette outside! There are definitely many a group of old men playing card games that I have been taught! Shame though that I don’t remember the rules..

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