Weekend cycling, September edition

Castelbello Alto adigesunflowers alto adige italyCastles, flowers and farming towns close to sum up our weekend cycle trip through Alto Adige / Südtirol. It was a mostly downhill trip, going from north to south. Just getting to our starting position required leaving home at 7.30 am then three trains and a bus (Rovereto > Bolzano > Merano > Malles > Resia).

Alto Adigelago di resia church towerlago di resia italy church towerThat bus and an overnight stay were partly because Matt wanted to see lago di resia and its flooded church tower. And because Matt plans these adventures – I usually just turn up – he gets to choose our itinerary. He plans well.

Alto adige italyAlto adige sudtirol italyreligious figure alto adige sudtirol italyimageMost of the small towns we passed through at the beginning, as well as were we stayed overnight, were small farming towns. In common with Austria, the border of which we were not too far from, there was a lot of large religious sculpture (though what I saw in Austria was close to life size). Perhaps the home owner in the last photo is no longer so pious, or perhaps they were just a little worried about sun damage, as they’ve let things get rather overgrown.

Alto adige sudtirol italyapples alto adige sudtirol italyhonesty box italy alto adige sudtirol italyalto adige sudtirol italyThe cycle path wound through a lot of apple orchards. Most were in the midst of the apple harvest, though there were still plenty on the trees. There was a ‘self-service’ / honesty box stall set up in one, where we bought fresh strawberries and apple and pear juice. Those beautiful fresh strawberries were no longer so fresh when I took them out of my bag at the train station, a few jolty and hot hours later. But they were still delicious.

Merano alto adige sudtirol italymerano alto adige sudtirol italyWe had a late lunch in Merano. Like all other small towns in Austria and ex-Austria, they had a small Sissi connection that they were pushing. We plan to go back in December for the Christmas markets.

The final stretch, from Merano to Bolzano, was a little less spectacular than the rest of the ride. The path was flat, and hugged the river the entire way, meaning no more down hill to help out those tired legs, and no more forest scenes to break up the scenery.

merano sudtirol alto adige italymerano alto adige sudtirol italySo at one point during our cycle, I managed to knock the lens out of my camera. And of course it fell into the side-of-road dirt. After patting around in the leaves, I found the lense, cleaned it, and managed to drop it back in. I then took a test photograph and turned the camera off, when the lens promptly fell out again. Cue a longer stretch of patting around in the grass before I found the lens again. I then popped it into my pocked for safe keeping and raced to catch up with Matt, who was wondering where I was. At the hotel that night, I managed to more securely screw in the little round piece of plastic that goes on top of the lens. I don’t know though, on those two photos above things look a little warped? Like some unintentional fish eye effect is happening? I think I need to take it somewhere to get a professional opinion.

imageimageFinal photos, a tiny Matt! Or just a very large chair.


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