A boat trip to Limone

Limone sul gardaTorbole Lago di GardaMatt’s parents are visiting us this week so yesterday we all took a bus and then a boat down to Limone on Lake Garda.

LImone sul gardaLImone sul gardaLImone sul gardaA post box hidden among flowers, isn’t she pretty! This was one of those days when my real camera came out and was actually used (there’s currently no storage on my phone). When that happens, I take a lot of photos.

LImone sul gardaLImone sul gardaMatt! The only photos he takes of me are when I’m napping on public transport – mouth agape and drooling pretty much sums that up. We don’t see much of me around here.

LImone sul gardaLimone means ‘lemon’, so everything on sale for visitors was lemon themed – limoncello, limoncino, lemon shaped scented soaps, lemon candies, lemon decorative tiles. You can see some of the merchandise just to the left in this photo.

LImone sul gardaRowboats moored in the old harbour.

Lago di gardaLago di GardaWe returned to Riva del Garda later in the afternoon, once the wind had picked up and the windsurfers and sailboats had taken over the water. It almost made me wish I had learned to sail when younger.


6 thoughts on “A boat trip to Limone

  1. I’ve been to the northern part of Lake Garda. My great grandparents live just north of Garda in a small village called Cavedine. We rented a boat and sailed and swam in the clear aqua waters of Garda. I wish I could go back one day. Perhaps…Lord willing. I’d love to see and hear more. Ciao!

    • Lovely! Something that I haven’t yet done, but would like to, is to rent one of those funny little pedal boats with a slide, so you can go swimming out on the lake. I think that would be so fun!

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