19 hours in Warsaw (of which most were spent sleeping)

WarsawWarsawWhen you edit one set of photos, you may as well edit them all..

Last month, during that high-heat August when we intelligently decided to travel, I spent 16 hours in Warsaw. Admittedly I slept for quite a few of those, and spent another hour shlepping and sweating my heavy bag from the hostel to the station (or arrive I downed an entire bottle of tea-infused beverage (thanks Marks & Spencers) because that heat was energy sapping and my hands were shaking). But, for a few hours in the morning, I was one of the first tourists poking around the (technically quite new) old town.

Warsaw old townWarsaw Old TownimageAs well as a Marks and Spencer, Warsaw also had grape Fanta, which I ill-advisedly bought to drink with breakfast. Lunch was more successful, I found a collection of food trucks parked in the shade of some trees and had a vegan burger (Warsaw for the win!) and fries.

Warsaw August heatWarsaw water hosesIt was *that* hot last month that sprinkler systems had been set up in the streets. This is in the old town, where you could walk close enough to the outer reaches of the hose for a light spritz. Unless you were under 10, and then you could run right over the hose, clothe(les)s and all.

WarsawWarsaw Old TownI love this giant ship over the main door. Another building, of which I have a photo somewhere, had a swarm of pigeons, which was rather more elegant than the subject matter would suggest.

Warsaw Centre Palace of culture and scienceThis building is the Palace of Culture and Science and it isn’t in the old town at all. It is massive, and almost like the Empire State building? Just a little more squat.

Thanks, Warsaw, for showing a girl a great time.


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