First summer swim

Lago Di Garda lake gardaWe waited for one of the greyest days before our first swim of the summer – and my first ever swim in Lake Garda. But I think there’s something in swimming on grey days, somehow the water doesn’t seem so cold in comparison to the air temperature.

We don’t ever actually take advantage of our proximity to Lake Garda. It’s so beautiful! And so almost sea like.

Lake Garda Lago Di gardaLake Garda Lago Di gardaWe went with our lovely friends, who are actually leaving Rovereto soon.

Malcesine Lago Di Garda lake gardaMalcesine lake Garda Lago Di gardaWe had a quick walk through Malcesine, one of the towns on the shore of Lake Garda, before heading to our swimming spot. Everyone was taking advantage of the grey weather to have a town day – there were so many people.

Malcesine lake Garda Lago Di gardaBonus shot of Matt walking through Malcesine.


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