A day in Mantova

Mantova pasticceria

The first time I went to Mantova I was the guest of an Italian family, their six year old twins were students at the summer English school where I was tutoring. We went together to Mantova with the other tutors and their host families, to see the sights and have lunch. I tried the ‘typical’ pumpkin pasta dish, which could have been nice if it hadn’t been flavoured with that marzipany almond flavour that I hate.

Mantova Teatro Bibiena
Mantova Italian flags

I had this idea that Mantova was a massive/normally sized city – a consequence of being shown around by other people is that it is easier to ignore some of your surroundings and just blindly follow the group leader. And so when I returned to Mantova on Friday with a friend, I was surprised to see just how small the city appeared on the map. It’s also surrounded by artificial lakes on three sides, meaning you quickly come to the end of the city by walking too far in any direction. So it was perfect for some late-summer touristing and wandering.

Mantova lake

One of those many lakes ^^

We spent a lazy, languid day, checking out cake shops, the cute rococo theatre and lunching on pasta at a restaurant that used fake sunflowers (!) as table ornamentation. It was also one of those places that refuses to serve tap water, but at least the food was good.


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