The summer shutdown

photo (1)

It is very nearly ferragosto, the nationwide summer holiday that officially falls on 15 August and that unofficially can include anything from a single weekend to all of July and August. I jest, but not really. And while I’ve been sweating it out here in Trentino, dragging my sweaty self to and from work for a small handful of students each day, envious of everyone relaxing beach and mountainside, I’ll be having the last laugh once they’re all back at work at August’s end and I’m starting a whole new kind of non-working holiday. Ahahahahahha.

But back to Italy. This sign is from our once-favourite spot for a post-music lesson dinner. They have mini bottles of lambrusco! And tigelle! At some point during the three weeks of intensive heat, they removed their original ‘summer closure’ sign, with its set days and planned reopening, and replaced it with this one. Simply, they’ll open once it’s less hot.

The library, my air-conditioned refuge before said music lessons has also taken its summer holidays, leaving me stranded one, thankfully cloudy, afternoon. I had been spending some time each week working from an Italian language book, and instead I suddenly found myself seeking shops for shade and shelter. I don’t particularly like anything they sell in the shops, so it’s a dull but harmless way to waste some time.

Even some of the water fountains have been shut off around time. There has been very little rain, particularly in Trento, so I imagine it was to save the water supply. And in response to that I would point out that the ornamental fountain in the middle of the main square in Trento is still running. Though you can, of course, fill your bottle from this water source as well.

All that is pointing to some kind of summer holiday, isn’t it? It’s almost (but not quite) time to escape these ever deserted cities, at least for a week or two.


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