Festa di San Vigilo in Trento

We seem to have reached a certain level of complacency after spending over two years in Rovereto. This means we don’t go to many of the local festivals and events, nor have I accompanied Matt out this evening to see some music. Another case in point: the festival of San Vigilo in Trento last month. It featured something like a month of events, including White Night and a rafting race down the river. That rafting race looked pretty awesome, judging by the photos I saw. It somehow involved a giant fake goose and a target and people falling into the water. Perhaps next year!

The only part of the festival I did see was completely by accident. I arrived in Trento too early for work one Friday, with every intention of heading to the library. It turned out to be the holiday of San Vigilo. Meaning the library, and many other shops, were all closed. And so the only part of the festival I did see was this procession to the duomo, caught rather wonkily on my iPhone that I never remember to turn the right way while filming, which I came across by accident somewhere between the library and a brioche provider. 


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