July in Italy is a little hot (who knew)

Complaints about the weather are so common as to be banal. We all do it, the weather is one of the most common conversation topics when a student enters the class. But, really, it is only interesting or worth communicating to others in the same locality as you. I therefore know no one is interested in hearing me moan about how hot the weather is in Italy right now, so I’m not going to do it. 

Except that I kinda just did, ahaha.

Because it is rather hot. Our 100 year old building with its two feet thick stone walls manages to keep out the heat for all of June (and all of Spring, a time when its cooling properties work a little too well), but then suddenly it stops. And now we find that, for the moment, there is no way to cool our house. Opening shutters and windows is such a counter productive activity as the air outside is hotter than in, even first thing in the morning. 

The combined trio of July, intense heat and the end of the school year (northern hemisphere seasons, so crazy!) has seen the straw floodgates burst, sending a wave of Italians on holiday. My school, however, is remaining open for most of the summer, but with a much reduced student population. Two of my four lessons for today have already been cancelled, and I’m not so optimistic for one of the remaining two. 

 After I finish today, expelled from work into the hottest part of the day, I will wander listlessly along burning hot streets to the air-conditioned bliss of the library, waiting for the sun to go down and comfort to return to the streets. Because summer nights are the best, when the muggy stew isn’t burnt through by the sun, and you can sit out all night with bare arms and legs (mosquito dependent). This is my favourite time.
**and then on Wednesday it rained all day and our house has been temporarily cooled


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