On the first day of summer it snowed

alpe siusi

alpe siusi

We were hiking, and were therefore on the top of a mountain peak when that happened, but still. And as for what that suggests about the current state of summer? Nothing good. As I type I’m sitting at our living room table watching the rain dump down outside. That plan I had to visit either a book shop, the library or a toiletries retailer in the next half hour has been put on hold. Keyboard practice it is then (because yes, 15 years since my last music lesson I have started keyboard lessons again. And I definitely didn’t practice enough last week..).

alpe de siusi

cows alpe de siusi

Having said that, we did get lucky with our Sunday hiking in the Alpe di Siusi. Check out that sky! That view! Those cows! The best way to spend a Sunday.


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