A castle party

I’m working on a TEFL course at the moment, so between procrastinating on that and actually going to work I don’t have so much time to meddle here. Not that we’ve been doing much, besides from going to a castle party (I lie, we also went on an epic hike up a mountain with a path that went through 52 WWI tunnels and passed Republic Day weekend in Torino and Genova – more of those another time).

We didn’t let our lack of knowledge of an incoming storm stop us from cycling to the castle. The 30 degree temperatures we were facing were the more pressing issue. Check out those clouds though, wasn’t she a beauty? We got a little rain and a temperature drop and that was about it.

The high temperatures have stuck around through – my screen is in danger of lemon ice block drip as I type (oops no, my t-shirt got it instead, while I was leaning back in contemplative mode) – and the heat has finally seeped through our two-feet-thick stone walls. I kind of love the heat, though, even as I fear sun burn and struggle with how to dress for a city when the air feels like a bikram studio. 


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