Food trucks


The intention of our recent trip to Bologna wasn’t solely to admire the many piggy legs hanging in the quadrilatero, but to check out how Italians do food truck / street food. Unfortunately, the weekend’s street food festival wasn’t held in the (largely pedestrianised) historic centre of Bologna (above) but in a car park 4 kilometres from the centre of town. Which is apparently normal for street food? But it feels a shame all the same.

The promise of tasty snacks was enough to keep us waiting at the bus stop, even when no scheduled buses showed up for a full hour. The resulting crush of people who forced their way onto the bus made the ride a little harrowing, especially when the doors opened and more people somehow forced their way in to an already full buss. The fried pizza (pizza fritta) made the bus journey worth it, but if it justified the entire day’s excursion to Bologna isn’t a question to be addressed here. Photos of food trucks follow..

Food truck, fried pizza, bologna

Bologna street food

Food truck bologna

food truck bologna

Bologna street food


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