Two years in Italy

Rome Italy
Did you know that we moved to Italy sight unseen? And that we had never heard of Rovereto, or Trentino before Matt applied for a job here. Nor did (do) we speak Italian. And I would have been unable to name the countries that border Italy, had anyone asked me.

I told my boss I was leaving my job and moving to Italy about thirty seconds after he had offered me a secondment to another team. And then refused to officially resign for another four months until we were confident of Matt’s visa coming through. Matt quit his band, and his beer brewing (and his job, too).

Before we left we sold and donated much of what we owned: furniture, appliances, clothes, shoes and books. Three suitcases and two carry on sized bags made the journey with us. The rest that we couldn’t take and couldn’t part from is now boxed and in storage at our parents (eternally grateful).

We had the intention of leaving New Zealand a good two years before we did. A year before we actually left we started downsizing, we house sat and stayed with friends before moving between a couple of small flats and then back to our respective parents. We sold huge amounts of stuff on Trade Me (NZ’s ebay equivalent): couches, a desk, shelves, appliances. We didn’t then know where we were going, but we knew we would go somewhere.

And none of this was really a decision to be made. Because we know that none of it is permanent. But also because we had already decided long before that we wanted to live overseas, and we had only to wait for an appropriate time and then find an appropriate place. And so it was Italy. I forget that there was also a too late chance for New York, which I am occasionally reminded of.

It is strange the choices we make. I consider myself a very indecisive person (I have spent the last two years trying to decide if I want to try shape my future career prospects in any way or in any direction, and have yet to achieve anything), but in some things there isn’t even a question. And so: Italy. Two years in (officially last week, we celebrated with gelato) with another year to go. I guess we should make the most of it.


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