Burgers and Gelato

It must have been a good Sunday if both of those things were a part of it, right? We had a day that was completely lazy in some ways, and highly productive in others. Hours were spent booking flights to Berlin, for a short trip to see Bjork in August. Living in a city without no airport, but with four airports within reasonable travelling distance means there are a number of different possible permutations. It isn’t always so easy finding a good deal. We capped our eventual success with gelato from Zenzero (meaning Ginger in Italian), possibly the best gelateria in Rovereto.

The rest of Sunday was spent on our attempt at homemade burgers. A lot of time was spent on prep, that I should really have spent on starting my online TEFL course or attempting any number of my Coursera courses, but the outcome was more delicious. Matt was given an Italian hamburger book for his birthday that has a focus on Italian ingredients. So we were able to find smoked provola cheese in the supermarket, and, though it wasn’t possible to find the recommended meat in hamburger mince form, our patties still came from Piemonte cows. Homemade apple crumble followed and it was all so good.


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