Doors of Morocco

Morocco, door

The many doors I photographed on our Morocco trip at Christmas.

Moroccan doorMoroccan door

The colours of Morocco are stunning. Inside the medina, the external facades of so many buildings were a little old and crumbling (there was also huge amounts of renovation work taking place, particularly in Fez), but the amazing doors were a hint of the colours and patterns to be found inside.

While it was really quite fun to skip out on a lot of winter by practically going straight from Morocco to New Zealand (with only two weeks in between), there was a little less time in between to remember one set of experiences before starting on to the next. This photo montage is my form of reflection.

morrocan door fezMorrocan doorMorrocan door

The second two photos above are from the entrance rooms to Moulay Ismail’s mausoleum. The bright but bare rooms are meant to inspire a quite and humble attitude among visitors (thanks Lonely Planet). The entrance to the mausoleum is through the external set of doors in the first photo in this post. We definitely walked straight past it at first. National Geographic’s photograph is rather superior to my own.

moroccan doorMoroccan door

Here is the entrance to the medina in Fez. Isn’t it lovely?

Moroccan doorMoroccan door

Our winter Morocco trip had a few days shaved off it by work and leave constraints, meaning we kept to the cities on our few days there. Next time (fingers crossed for a next time!) we hope to head to the mountains for some hiking, because we are definitely ‘people who hike’ now.


2 thoughts on “Doors of Morocco

  1. Beautiful doors and so true about us Italians and the ‘h’ sound! I never ‘ate my parents’ but I can see how it might happen 😉 I also find really hard to learn how to spell some words, even easy ones. I always seem to misspell ‘beer’ for instance (I somehow think it’s ‘bier’), which is a mistake I should probably stop making, after 10 years in Ireland…

    • I think the problem in English is that the spelling isn’t so easy, even when the words are short! I’m teaching spelling to an 8 yr old, and the combinations are pretty limitless. Besides, bier is good enough for the Germans, right?

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