This was us just a day or two before retuning to Italy, contemplating a 40 hour journey and a return to work and to winter…

Though there are definitely signs of spring here; we went on our first bike ride yesterday after I finally had my bike serviced (picking it up went something like this: me: ‘I’m here for my bike, my name is Hayley.’ Them: ‘What kind of bike is it?’ Me: ‘I don’t know, it’s white?’ (A direct replay of that time I was the only girl in a defensive driving class when I was 17: ‘So, what kind of car do you drive?’ Me: ‘I don’t know, it’s white?’ I showed them.)). We cycled to Lavis to visit gelateria Serafini, recommended by many at my language school. The gelato was delicious, the accompanying brioche, chocolate sauces and decor were a little too sweet. Our bike ride back to Rovereto was a little time pressured and hard. Once we were home I had the odd sensation of being able to jump, but not having the leg strength to bend my legs to land. I just kind of shuddered to a shaky halt. (What led me to discover this I don’t know.)


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