Buon weekend

Trento Castle Italy

Trento Castle Italy

In Italian it is possible to add ‘good’ in front of many a word to turn it into an optative (I think this is the right grammatical term), and express well wishes for something to someone far more easily and elegantly than the equivalent in English. So buon weekend, or buona fine settimana (good weekend) is equivalent to our rather clunkier have a good weekend. Buona serata (good evening) here means have a good evening (compared to buona sera, which is used as a greeting). Others have no equivalent translation; buon appetito (good appetite) just can’t be said in English, same with buon lavoro (good work). We just don’t wish people well with their work in the same way. Have a good day at work, work hard, or don’t work too hard don’t have quite the same sentiment.

We had a good weekend over here. We finally kicked our jet lag after the first week, though anti-work feelings still remain. Who would have thought that returning to work and winter after a month of summer holiday would be so hard…………. I’ll get there. Even if it takes until our Munich mini break at the end of the month to kick me out of my slump.

Trento Castle Italy

Trento Castle Italy

Our biggest accomplishment of the weekend was a trip to Trento castle on Saturday, where we sped through the exhibits and rooms in a rushed hour. The building is pretty epic in size and decoration, even if the inclusion of a Egyptian artifacts collection is a little random.

I then added a new babysitting/English teaching child to add to my roster on Saturday night and woke up on Sunday morning kicking myself that I had been so easily talked down in my hourly rate (and rudely(?) – the conversation took place after I had already done the work). I definitely find that there are differences between Italian and non-Italian children, at least in the small sample size I have worked with. This new one likes to be unnecessarily destructive and to sulk (and throw books at my head). We will see how we progress, or our working relationship may not last the Spring.


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