Back to Italy


And so we are back in Rovereto, after a month racing around the North Island of NZ and some very long plane rides. The plant didn’t survive our absence (as expected), but our building is still standing, our local pizzeria is still operating (and pizza has already been eaten), the gelateria has reopened after its winter hiatus, our Christmas decorations were still up (now down), as was our 2014 calendar collection (ditto). I’m not sure how I feel about being back yet, but that could be something to do with the few hours of work I have tonight and tomorrow morning. And winter. Possibly also because it’s still winter.


4 thoughts on “Back to Italy

    • Awesome, enjoy your trip! I shamefully didn’t try anywhere new as I hardly ventured into the city! But I did revisit and still love: Ortega Fish Shake, Thunderbirds, Fidels, and Ekim burger. Matt went on a craft beer bar pub crawl, I’ll get him to add on his favourites tomorrow (jetlag claimed him close to two hours ago). xx

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