First signs of snow

Italian winter Rovereto snow

Italian winter Rovereto snow

We got our first (possibly only) dumping of snow on 27 December, two days too late for a white Christmas and two days too late for us to see the actual snow fall (hello Morocco!). It has stubbornly stuck around though, and there are still enclaves of snow in overly shaded spots. I even made a tiny snowman while out for a post-home, pre-work run on request from the sister, who is sweating it out in Melbourne with a fan set up beside her bed. Our empty-for-a-week above-a-garage flat was feeling mighty cold when we got back, but snow can still be fun. The mountains are still looking pretty bare so there mightn’t be many snowboarding opportunities yet, but we are determined to get at least a second wear out of the snow gear we bought for winter 2013.

Italian winter rovereto snow

This was our second winter Christmas, and it finally felt Christmasy to me. All the trappings of the season suddenly make much more sense in a cold and dark environment, compared to last year when it was all a little strange. So to go to slightly warmer Morocco immediately stripped any Christmas feeling (maybe their lack of Christmas carols and decorated trees also had something to do with it..). Coming home to find our Christmas cards and presents still out reminds me that Christmas was only a week ago, and not the month it feels.

Italian winter Rovereto snow

We celebrated our Christmas eve with a dinner with friends in the German tradition, featuring a turkey so large the eight of us barely got through one turkey breast. Those who stayed in Rovereto would have been enjoying turkey sandwiches and turkey curry buffets for many of the days that came after.

So, 2014 done. Happy 2015!


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