Sicilian honey and homemade jam

sicilian honey and homemade jam

The best thing about being a teacher, asides from the year round benefits of getting to write on the whiteboard, is receiving gifts at Christmas time. So hello to my honey from Sicily, and some homemade jam. (There was also a jar of gherkins, because delicious, but they don’t photograph so well.)

Happy Christmas eve! It’s steadily getting colder here but we are yet to have snow, much to the disappointment of every skier and snowboarder in Trento. I hope to make it back to the Christmas markets for one last serving of fried apple, between finishing off some work and baking a cake for Christmas dinner, so I’d better get onto that then.


2 thoughts on “Sicilian honey and homemade jam

  1. says:

    Hi Hayley & Matt

    We wish you a very Happy Christmas & New Year. We love receiving your posts which I devour and commit to memory .We are planning to come and live in Italy for 12 months. Can you tell me is Trento near the Dolomites? We are keen skiers and have been advised that they are good to be near. Anyway we love your adventures


    Warm Regards


    Jenny Kalmus

    0408 139 335

    • Hi Jenny, thank you for your message. Trento is near the Dolomites, though from Trento I think people tend to go to Monte Bondone for skiing – not that there is any snow yet! I think it has been a very warm winter so far. Merry Christmas to you too!

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