Walks with wine


We had a very rainy summer here in Northern Italy. It apparently rained for something like 21 days in July, in stark contrast to the rolling heat waves we faced last year. One of the buildings on our street is currently having its roof replaced due to water damage caused by the June and July rains, and we have heard rumours of ruined grape crops.

On the first weekend of a September the rain (finally) stopped just in time for La Magna Longa, a 10 kilometre wine and food walk from Volano to Beseno. My favourite kind of walk, in fact. We did a similar one back in March, some photos from that excursion are here, and a couple of photos from our day out in September are below.


Photographic proof that not all the grapes were ruined before harvest, though the vines were minus a few fruits after I had passed through.



Matt multi-tasking – checking the food schedule and eating fresh fruit gelato, while carrying his wine glass on a string around his neck.


The biggest slab of polenta you ever did see.



This being Italy, there were some excruciatingly long waits at a couple of the stands. Here we foolishly waited upwards of 10 minutes for three woman to slowly, oh so slowly serve a small cup of aloe vera juice to the handful people in front us. A few stops later we stood in line for half an hour for a glass of prosecco. There were, of course, only two people opening bottles and pouring glasses, one of whom took some time out to answer the phone. I do appreciate the relaxed approach Italians take to service – no one gets stressed and bar staff/supermarket workers/food prepers aren’t rushed off their feet. But sometimes.. (Had we known we were only waiting for a prosecco, not for any food, I think we would have moved on)



Beseno (I think) looking snug among the hills.



Colourful buildings in Volano


And that’s our summer over now. We had the first sprinkling of snow on the surrounding mountains last week, and our first taste of vin brule at the Christmas markets on the weekend. But we will be sure to repeat both La Magna Longa and the Mas en Mas next year.


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