Birthday pie


Matt made me this lemon meringue pie for my birthday on the weekend, and I only took the one blurry photo. Poor pie, it will be remembered only by our stomachs. It was rather delicious, we both have a taste for tart lemony deserts, and this ticked all the boxes. Unfortunately there are no left overs, it having been eaten by us and our guests on the night, as second day lemon meringue is perhaps even better than the first.

The pie marked my last birthday of my twenties. I keep getting asked if I’m making a bucket list for things to achieve by the time I’m thirty. I haven’t yet, nor do I know what would be put on such a list. I do like mini daily challenges, though (Matt and I currently have a joint goal of a 100 day duolingo streak, and a friend and I are going to repeat our weekly disposable camera photo this year), so perhaps I can come up with something.


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