Mother tongue

If I was ever in any doubt about the continuing strength of my accent, I am reassured (?) every time a student repeats a word after me and I hear those kiwi vowel sounds coming through. So unfortunately, I do pronounce ‘pet’ as ‘pit’ and correcting myself is rather difficult. Should it be some form of ‘pat’ instead?

I’m not sure the students know what to make of me. At least one has said his understanding was down from around 80 % to 50 % at our first lesson, fingers crossed things get better.. But if I haven’t shaken this accent after eighteen months living as one of only three New Zealanders in the village, I don’t think it will ever leave.


4 thoughts on “Mother tongue

    • Not so possible! The trouble with working all day in English is that my struggling Italian struggles even more. Once I have settled into the new job I have to make a better go of it

    • The way I say ‘bed’ gets me some confused looks. I also have a student who particularly takes issue with me pronouncing ‘beer’ and ‘bear’ the same way

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