On a lazy Sunday

Last week I worked my first 40+ hour week in what must be … I don’t know, rather a long time. Because my last full time job wasn’t a 40 weeker, let’s all stay late, kind of place. Anyway, last week I worked a lot. Which is good news, obviously, as it meant I’m earning (including at my new teaching job where I just completed my second week), but bad as I’ve finally made it to Sunday and I’m exhausted. A lack of sleep has made me a little sleep deprived and perhaps a little incoherent.

This week things will be a little more relaxed, giving me time to sort out the fall out of some unknown changes that were made to our Christmas flights. Mostly booking hotels where late arrivals mean we will be a little stranded, but also trying to have our return flights changed for no charge with an airline that has some pretty poor online customer service reviews. We are also about to get back on the smoothie train. Three months since it broke (2 months of my lazy delay, 1 month from the electronic store), my blender has finally been repaired (I hope, I haven’t taken it out of the box yet), so we’re going to have a healthy winter. Our breakfasts just haven’t been the same since it broke, haha.

There is a history of Italian musicians covering the Beatles, as was common in the 60s. I found this version of I want to hold your hand on Friday afternoon on the request of a student, who wanted to learn a song that had Italian, English and German versions. She had lost interest by the time I came across this (she is only 7, so perhaps a high achiever who is still learning how to follow through), so I’m posting it here so it wasn’t for naught.


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