Autumn days and autumn nights


Something tells me that Matt and I haven’t managed to shake off the experience of our student flatting days in Wellington. That something would be that, despite the sudden and rapid drop in temperature here, we are (surely) among the only households in Rovereto yet to turn on the heating. We (at least I) deploy that multi-layered trick of wearing all the clothes, even when inside.

Our university (Victoria University) is located in an older part of Wellington, where the surrounding wooden houses are often inhabited by students. Creaky, drafty, un-insulated wooden houses in a country where central heating doesn’t exist. Actually, I’m pretty sure this housing type is true of a lot of New Zealand in general. Although as you get older you insulate your own house and have more money to spend on heating, in theory anyway.

We will, of course, turn our heating on soon. It’s just that the year-in-one gas bill we received in August is still a little fresh in our minds.

Rovereto is not yet as frosty as the picture above suggests, this is another that I took last year with a disposable camera.


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