A year in weekly photos

Great Barrier Island

For my birthday two years ago, my friend gave me two disposable cameras with the instruction to take a photo per week, and then have the films developed together. I failed to keep to the suggested schedule, by a long shot. I didn’t manage to finish the films until sometime earlier this year, and then they weren’t developed until I was in London last week. So, a bit tardy. I’ve posted a couple of my favourites here.. First up is the first of the film to turn out, meaning I lost a couple from the start of the film. We spent New Years 2013 with friends on Great Barrier Island in New Zealand. This is Matt hanging out on the non-swimming beach.

Wellington boat sheds

Time hasn’t been too kind to the film; both cameras expired a year ago and experienced some hot and cold temperature extremes, so I knew I wasn’t going to get much from them. But I was surprised with the colour and comparable quality of the photos that did turn out.

Here you can see the film doing funny things in this shot of the Wellington boat sheds. We have booked flights to visit home in January, it is going to be a little strange being a visitor in my own city.

Lake Garda

A trip to Lake Garda. I’m pretty sure, though I can’t be certain, that this was on my first visit back in May last year, not too long after we had arrived when I went to pick up my second hand bike.


There was another gap here, maybe I was taking photos while on those hateful summer camps and they were lost, maybe I wasn’t. Quite a few photos definitely didn’t turn out. But this is in Budapest, where we went towards the end of summer 2013.


And then to Nice! Matt on another beach, a little overdressed perhaps.


Sometimes I took two photos in one week to make up for the gaps and sometimes I handed my little plastic camera to Matt, so here is me making faces hanging out on the same beach. I also like taking photos of the ocean.


My parents are on the left of this photo, which could be in Innsbruck but I think is in Fussen, when we visited Schloss Nueschwanstein.

Mostar cemetery

A cemetery in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzogovina.

Cinque terre

Swimming with the sister off a beach along the Cinque Terre. We don’t go in for tanning, obviously, and yes I do wear sunglasses while swimming in the ocean.


Bikes in Amsterdam..


I’m pretty sure this is in Bologna, where we were just before Christmas last year to see Nick Cave.




Spring 2014 in Rovereto.


I often passed this building on my way to the Verona high school where I was teaching English communication classes.


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