A weekend in Florence


A list I wrote while in Florence for a weekend (attending a TEFL course: a trip with a purpose! Not just for fun).

I miss big cities.

I miss funky (or even ‘funky’) restaurants.

And shops, even when I don’t want to buy anything from them.


Birkenstocks aren’t autumnal footwear for Florentines.

It still feels like summer to me.

Florentines dress better than Roveretians.

I am pretty sure I can be a better English teacher.

There are a lot of Americans in Florence.


I hate sleeping in hostels.

There are a lot of Germans in my hostel room.

Air plugs are important.

These are called tappi di le orrechie in Italian.

They are kept below the counter in the pharmacy, you have to know the name so you can ask for them.


Florence doesn’t do ‘pizza from the south’ as well as the south does pizza.

And they charge more for it.

I still like their central market hall.

The brioche con gelato you can buy there is better than Rovereto’s brioche con gelato.

The south probably does it better.


The lampadas bought across the road from my school were pretty delicious.

There is only so much you can learn in 20 hours (likely because the course was only 15 hours once we took our lunch breaks).

Talking in front of groups isn’t as scary as you think.


Sometimes google map walking times are more accurate than you think.

Your shoulders will hurt for two days after carrying your bags that whole way.

There are so, so many Americans in Florence.


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