A mini victory


I arrived home on Thursday after a week in London with renewed enthusiasm and motivation for getting things done (and for tidying my messes around our flat – though we will see how long that lasts). And so today, which is also Matt’s birthday, happy birthday Matt! So today, I managed to complete a mini task that had been showing signs of being another of those never ending processes – I got my Italian Identity Card! (aka the Carta d’identita) And, in the end, it was so easy.

The longest part of the whole process was getting the photos I needed for the application and card, and that was all on me. I finally visited one of those funny little automatic booths, and came out with some awful looking photos for five euros. Before I headed to London last week, I had managed to make it as far as the office waiting room. I was obviously feeling a little optimistic as I only had an hour spare before being due somewhere else so that was never going to work out. But this morning there was barely a queue**, the woman I saw was super efficient, and she possibly wants me to be her English teacher. Result: I came out with both a card and a promise of more work after a short 15 minutes. Win, win, win.

**By queue I mean everyone takes a ticket and sits in a room, waiting for the electronic notice board to announce their number. Best invention for expats living in Italy ever, as Italians do quite like to push in.

At top: an unrelated photo from my trip to London, possible a representation of a battle with bureaucracy.


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