Grappa on a sunny afternoon







Up until Wednesday evening last week we were having a will we – won’t we discussion about heading to Munich the following day for Oktoberfest. The won’t we’s won out in the end, on the account of having things to do and money to save (the things to do being booking our flights home for a month in February, the money to save now being everything to recover from the shock of that transaction).

We had a mostly quiet Rovereto weekend, but managed to haul ourselves off the couch Sunday afternoon to head to a grappa distillery on the other side of the river. Distilleria Marzadro was having an open day where a mere €3 provided a variety of grappa + other pairings. My favourite was the grappa cocktail, I was a little less enamoured with the grappa + cigar and grappa + coffee pairings, and the grappa + chocolate wasn’t too bad. We then joined a ‘technical’ grappa tasting and drank some more.. not a half bad effort for a Sunday.

All that grappa and I’m still not the biggest fan. The flavour is a little too sharp for me, but that doesn’t stop me from trying the different flavours. The smell of grappa in process is pretty amazing though. The first photo shows the grappa production room, and the smell in there is delicious.


One thought on “Grappa on a sunny afternoon

  1. frankieandgiuseppe says:

    That’s interesting- I went to a whisky tasting once and was surprised to find whisky paired with chocolate (super pure 95% cacao chocolate though, not the tastiest!)

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