50 days of summer

Dolac Market Zagreb
1. Yes I’m starting with Easter, because that was when summer kind of began.. Dolac markets in Zagreb, Croatia.

Piazza dell'unita Trieste
Trieste by night.

Mas en mas
2. Scenic detail on the other side of the valley during Mas en mas, a wine and food walk. Best.

Mas en mas
3. Tyrolean entertainment.

4. The beautiful Dolomites

Busabout sail Turkey
5. Touring Southern Turkey on a boat for a week, bliss.

Busabout sail turkey
6. That first one wasn’t my boat, it was this one!

Rainbows in Istanbul
7. Rainbow steps in Istanbul

Istanbul vintage store
8. A junk shop in Istanbul.

cimiterio di milano
9. Cimiterio monumentale di Milano.

Castello beseno
10. A castle party at Castel Beseno.

11. Castle partying.

12. Summer hiking.

13. With cows. Summer hiking with cows.

14. In Rovereto

15. A beautiful blue door.

Cactus plants in Callalbro
16. An amazing catci collection in Callalbro.

Lago di Garda
17. Above Lake Garda on another of our summer hikes.

18. The misty view from another, on our way back down from the snow.

19. Lily pads somewhere above Bolzano.

20. My favourite little building collection in Verona. One day I’ll get a photo of it that I like..

Trastevere gelato
21. Things Matt likes: gelato. Things Matt dislikes: being photographed while eating gelato.

Old Appian Way
22. The Appian Way, Rome.

Naples Granita
23. Around Naples.

Naples, Italy
24. I want to go back to Naples.

Quartiere Coppedè, Rome
25. Beautiful buildings in Rome’s Quartiere Coppedè.

Rome italy
26. So much love for Rome.

Villa d'Este Tivoli Italy
27. We went to the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, I posed in front of a fountain.

SPQR Rome Italy
28. Until next time Rome!

29. That time in Austria when it rained a lot.

30. When it was stunningly beautiful when the rain stopped.

31. Sunflowers in Patone.

Belgrade Beerfest
32. Festival times at Belgrade Beer Fest.

Sarajevo tram
33. Oh hey, Sarejevo.

tea shop Sarajevo
34. Cutest little tea shop in Sarejevo.

35. Admiring the old bridge in Mostar while eating greasy delicious ćevapčići.

36. Mostar knows what’s up.

37. I used Matt’s head as a tripod to get a steady shot of the fairy lights.. Waiting for our outdoor movie at Sarajevo’s 20th Film Festival to start.

38. Markets in Sarajevo

39. In Zenum, Belgrade.

40. Belgrade.

41. My first Italian gelato after a month was delicious.

42. In Ferrara for the Buskers Festival.

43. There were so many bikes, we couldn’t help but go for a little cycle ourselves.

44. Eating grapes from the vines while on La Magna Longa, another wine and food walk.

45. Funghi!

46. Admiring coloured buildings in Calliano.

Borgo valsugana
47. Cycling this past weekend in Valsugana. Borgo valsugana was our lunch stop.

48. We made it all the way into the Veneto. Such biking muscles, so strong.

49. One more of Naples, out of order but I am NOT renumbering everything.

50. So long summer, I’m going to miss you! (I also miss Istanbul)


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