Will I sound a twit? Or perhaps a puffin?

Atlantic puffin 062

Because I felt that I wasn’t spending enough time on social media, I’ve gone and joined twitter. Half of that first sentence being absolute crap, if you couldn’t tell already.

Because some nameless, also tweetless (don’t you hate that!), individuals have already taken @moltomolto and @molto_molto I’m over there as @moltomoltoblog. Recommendations for entertaining twitter-ers or news sites to follow would be much appreciated. And if you want to follow along, well then I promise i’ll follow you right back.

And if I never manage to tweet anything (performance anxiety) you can still find me on instagram at @hayleyprins.

Unrelated: if you type ‘birds‘ into Google images, the results are beautifully colourful. And, astonishingly enough, all actually of the feathered (or angry) variety. Try it, if you need a little something to pick up your Friday/Saturday morning. My beautiful puffin, however, came from Wikimedia Commons


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