I had my heart read for one euro

Ferrara Buskers Festival

I gave a euro to this woman and she read my heart, helpfully writing her thoughts on a piece of paper for me to take away and translate later. Her sign reads ‘looking into your eyes I read your heart’ and she would take frequent pauses in her writing to glance up and eyeball her current subject. It was either the eyes that were the selling point or her low price, either way she definitely captured the crowd’s interest in a way that the other fortune tellers/palm readers/ear reader that were part of the Ferrara Buskers Festival could not.

Ferrara Buskers Festival

This was my reading, I haven’t managed to fully understand what it says, in part because of her handwriting and in part because I think it’s a little fragmentary. I think it goes something like this:

Endowed with deep sentiment very sensible and receptive to love, energy and .. of those around you, respectful of the living space of others …

I couldn’t figure it all out on my own (or some spellings at all) and was heavily relying on Google Translate. If anyone else has a better idea of any of this, please let me know in the comments!


We were in Ferrara for their Buskers Festival and spent our Saturday night checking out the different bands and performances. The fortune tellers didn’t hang around once the other street performers started, being replaced by bands, musicians and the occasional clown. Matt’s official-not-official verdict was that there wasn’t enough variety between acts. Obviously we’re now working on our duo extravaganza for next year.


All my photos are taken from the back, as the crowds were smaller there, but I like them anyway.

Ferrara Buskers Festival

Ferrara’s central piazza. It felt like a smaller, cleaner Bologna and was all bricks and bikes and buskers. I do appreciate an old town, and it felt that everything within Ferrara’s walls was fitting into a theme.


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