An overnight trip to Mostar

Mostar stari most at  night

Just a couple of photos of Mostar, mostly of the old bridge but not all, where we took a quick one-night trip while staying in Sarajevo. To be honest, you don’t really need to spend a night, and tried last minute to find a way to fit in a Mostar – Dubrovnik – Sarajevo trip on our way out, but found the bus times too awkward to be worth it.

So for Mostar we fit in some wanderings, two servings of ćevapčići and some more terrible baklava. When will I learn. Mostar is a funny little in town in that it really only has one attraction, meaning the area around the bridge is choked with people and souvenir shops, with this little area encircled by restaurants. Once you get passed the outer ring you find everything and everyone carrying on as normal. I wander how the Mostar-ians feel about this hive of activity in their centre.

In Mostar..
Our best ćevapčići came from Urban Grill, a cheap, no nonsense restaurant with a terrace offering a view of the bridge. Now that we’re back in Italy we’re hanging out for the Trento Christmas markets, who last year offered a sauce drenched, oil sprayed ćevapčići. Fingers crossed for their return!

We spent the rest of our evening at the Black Dog pub, close to the smaller bridge.

And we stayed at Elite Guesthouse in a tiny little room that came with a bathroom and pastry snacks, even though it was meant to be without both bathroom and breakfast. Any upgrade is an upgrade, and I was happy for it.


4 thoughts on “An overnight trip to Mostar

    • It is beautiful – and interesting the variety of landscape. Around Mostar the land is so rocky and scrubby, it’s the same all the way to the Croatian Coast, but further inland it was all rolling green hills. It is definitely opening up as a destination, as people look for new lands to adventure in

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