Lago di Garda

Oh hello September. In New Zealand this would be the first official day of spring but the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t seem to follow the quite convenient pattern of using first of the month to welcome a new season. A pity, as it makes it so much easier to remember (even if, in reality, it doesn’t reflect the actual weather).

This month we are:

Giving up the sugar (chocolate, gelato, biscuits and cake being the main ones) for a second month (the first was in January) for the double positive of saving money and improving concentration skills.

Contemplating a cold winter. We received our first gas bill last month – €650 for the past year. Is that a lot? It feels like a lot. We had noticed a few months ago that we had seemingly only received power and water bills, but to actually receive this one was still a shock. Lucky we’re heading away for a month during winter as something tells me we’ll be cutting down on our heating usage a lot this year.

Readjusting back to a normal routine after much of the past month away. For Matt this means doing all the work at uni and for me it means picking up my rag tag assortment of English teaching, babysitting and proof reading. I also have lofty goals of doing a little yoga every day, relearning the keyboard (possibly even the harmonica) and, as always, mastering some more Italian.

We have also decided to stay on in Rovereto for another  year, as if that decision hadn’t already seemed a foregone conclusion. So assuming that Matt’s visa renewal all goes well, we’ll be here until 2015. woo! Giving us all the time we need for mastering our new language, seeing all the Italian cities and regions that are yet to be explored and for hiking (and admiring Lake Garda, as Matt is doing in the photo above).


4 thoughts on “September

  1. rO says:

    Deve essere proprio una bella avventura per voi. Mi diverte molto leggere di voi. Ma non vi manca casa? È così lontana la Nuova Zelanda!

    • Hai ragione, è tanto lontano! Ma anche l’Italia è molto bella, e così vicino al resto d’Europa. Torniamo in Nuova Zelanda il prossimo febbraio per un mese, perciò sono molto felice!

    • I hope to! We haven’t actually done any walking in the past two months, fingers crossed we manage another couple of weekend hikes before winter sets in

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