Summer in Austria


Summer in Austria meant a lot of rain this year. As has been seemingly happening all over, the rain that has been dampening my Italian summer was waiting in Austria to continue just the same. I still managed, of course, to get sun burnt, proof that there were some sunny days out there.

I was in Austria with the family of one of my English students, as a kind of English teaching holiday companion, I guess. Among some teaching (and reading and singing) I got to join in with family activities. They are incredibly active, so we hiked, swam, cycled and caught all the funiculars in the area.



We stayed in Kappl, in the Silvretta area. It is most popular as a ski destination, meaning the summer months are a lot quieter. The scenery was incredibly beautiful, with those Austrian mountain buildings that look like the probably only belong on a Christmas card.


The amount of rain forecast for our second week meant the trip was cut short, and we headed back to rainy Italy early. On our final day we did make it just across the Swiss border, to a view of fog.



The last few shots of some of the beautiful surrounds, taken on sunnier days.


5 thoughts on “Summer in Austria

    • Yes it was a beautiful area! Fun fact about all the grass – apparently the Austrian government receives EU funds to keep those rolling meadows cut and maintained. They must be an irreplaceable part of the Austrian image I guess

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