Roaming in Rome, part 2


Last few photos from Rome, taken on any of our epic walks through the city. Last of the Rome posts, I promise.

Above is the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of a unified Italy. The first few times I glimpsed it were always from a hill, so I had the false impression that the monument only consisted of the top colonnaded part. Oh how wrong I was.

Old Appian Way

Passing along the old Appian Way on our way to one of the catacombs. This was one of the earliest Roman roads built out of the city.

Old Appian Way

Old Appian Way

Vespa Rome Italy

A very vintage vespa.

Rome Italy

Sunday market shopping. In Rome I also managed to see a Frida Kahlo exhibition, the first time I had actually seen any of her paintings. I’m a big fan, and mildly inspired to start drawing a little myself (which would be the first artistic endeavor since high school, unless you count the colour pencil scribbles done while teaching/babysitting. And I wouldn’t)

markets, Rome Italy

SPQR Rome Italy

SPQR seen on a notice board. It stands for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus, or The Senate and People of Rome. So historic, so full of knowledge.

fruit market Rome Italy

So many lemons!

Rome Italy

Tea in a coffee shop.


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