Life advice from Mr Bean

It was this clip I had in mind today when I offered a (barely used) plastic gym card to cut slices of cheese for a picnic lunch, when we discovered the knife had been left in the car. (It received a rinse and wipe off before use.) Although, watching again, I find that Mr Bean only used his credit card to butter his bread, the inspiration is still there.

I am away in Austria for two weeks, with the family of one of the girls I teach. Its a working holiday for me, but still with plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the beautiful area we are in. They are a very active family, so we have cycled, hiked and swum (3x) already and it’s only the fourth day in – and that’s counting a home rain day.

Everything is going well for us, but not so for the family goldfish. They survived the journey here, even after cooking a little in the hot car, but were dead by the second morning. RIP little fishes. (I have to remember not to use ‘fishes’ when ‘fish’ should do. I also have thoughts, not yet implemented, of ceasing my use of ‘yup/yip’ when ‘yes’ would be better for my student. This last one was bought to my attention by my now ex-students in Verona who asked if it was a New Zealand thing – i.e., if it was necessary to learn or discardable as one of my accent oddities.)

Staying with an italian family means I have to remember to take my shoes off at the door, but to keep my socks on inside. Bare feet are a bit of an oddity here. The family don’t look at me funny when I leave my freshly showered hair to air dry, and in turn I try not to look suprised when the freshly washed lettuce leaves are piled into a tea towel and taken outside to be shaken free of water. Mr Bean reenacts this with a sock in the above video, so maybe it’s only my NZ upbringing that is the odd one out here.

I had thought I would be without the internet up here, so had managed a couple of blog-bot posts to appear at random times to fill in for me. There are still a few to come, so happy reading.


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