Rome eats

Trastevere gelato

We spent the whole of last week in Rome; sometimes venturing out into the city, sometimes venturing outside of it, and sometimes staying indoors to get a little work done.

One of our favourite things to do, when travelling outside of our tiny town, is to hunt out the food options that aren’t available to us in Rovereto. We don’t usually eat too fancy, or even too traditionally local. What we do like are cheap and delicious options, craft beer, street food and opportunities for snacks (perhaps that last one is mostly me).

For inspiration on where to eat over our week, I mined the blog Parla Food, written by an American foodie living in Rome. Close to everything we ate out came from a recommendation on this site, and everything was delicious. Check it out if you’re heading for Rome.

Our dining locations below, for some mini inspiration.

Pizza Tonda | Via Valle Corteno 31, Montesacro, Roma

Tonda cacio e pepe

The pizzas from here were amazing; light and chewy pizza bases and delicious toppings, and a large craft beer selection to choose from.

We shared two pizzas between us, one topped with pancetta and potato and the other a specialty of this restaurant, cacio e pepe. Cacio e pepe is traditionally a pasta dish with sheep’s cheese and pepper. In pizza form the base is cooked naked, with only ice on top to mimic how a sauce would usually soften and soak the pizza, with a thick coating of cheese added once it comes out of the oven. Amazing, and intense.


Trappizzino | Via Giovanni Branca 88, 00153 Roma

Trappizzino, Rome

More pizza! And as delicious as Pizza Tonda, which it should be considering they share their owner.

The triangular stuffed pizza bases are a mix between a foccacia sandwich and a calzone, but the thick, square pizza base is cooked before being halved and stuffed with a filling of your choice. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Had we made it here before our final day in Rome, we would have returned for seconds, possibly even thirds.


Supplizio | Via dei Bianchi Vecchi 143

A tiny little cafe serving fancy and tasty street food, close to Piazza Navona.


Eataly | Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492, Roma

We chose this location all on our own, grown ups!, mostly because we were walking past it on a massive west to east mission to visit one of the catacombs.

Eataly is enourmous, and similar to the food section of the Wellington Moore Wilsons but 10 times the size and scattered with places to sit down and eat.  This Eataly is located at Roma Ostiense train station, with others scattered around both Italy and a few other international locations.


Le Cafe Vert | Via Anton Giulio Barrili 47, 00152 Roma

Le Cafe Vert cacio e pepe potato chips

The second location we managed to choose without any help, and located just around the corner from where we were staying in Monte Verde.

We came here for apperitivo (and lunch and brunch) and tried their handmade cacio e pepe potato chips. All that’s left for us to try now is the actual pasta dish.


Blind Pig | Via Gino Capponi 45, 00179 Roma

Blind Pig burger

A craft beer bar that was sadly lacking in beer on the evening we where there, with all but two of the beers on tap needing a fresh keg.

But, the burgers we ordered for dinner were delicious, and the woman working there was both complimentary about my Italian and nice enough to have a slow and simple chat with me, so we were happy.

Also check out my Sarajevo eats and the other things we got up to in Rome and part two.


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