Biking to Bologna – part I

Heya Matt here. Here is an account of my bike trip from Rovereto to Bologna* back in March. Although I intended to write about this much earlier, it was nice to revisit these memories after a couple of months had passed.

Sparked by owning my first bike (with gears), the awesome Trentino bike paths, and an upcoming Mogwai concert, I embarked on a 200 km journey over four days. My Amsterdam-acquired saddlebags and truly limited knowledge about basic bike maintenance only added to the intrigue and sense of adventure. I was fortunate enough to be joined two Italian friends as I embraced my newfound outdoor persona.

In preparation I went on a few smaller bike trips, watched youtube clips on how to change a tyre and bought some nifty accessories. Day 1 was to be our biggest day, with a 7:30 am start and 75 km of biking to reach Mantova.

*augmented occasionally by public transport


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