On learning

We have both been making progress with our Italian, even if it feels painfully slow and occasionally pointless.

On Friday I still had to whip my phone out to check what ‘leave’ is in Italian, to communicate to a man in a cafe that an envelope with a key had been left there for me. And no I did not need a plastic bag, nor did I need to buy an envelope, thank you very much (the words for envelope and bag are vaguely similar, and my pronunciation is a little terrible).

I did, however, manage to read an entire article from Italian Vanity Fair, understanding close to every word. That article may have been about Prince George. And it may have said that John Key is the prime minister of Australia. No such luck.

And so we carry on, conducting some conversations in a mix of Italian and English or, for me if the conversation is entirely in Italian, only answering questions rather than ask my own or create new conversation topics.

I am impressed with our progress, especially as I have always thought I was terrible at language learning. That I can sometimes understand conversations, and, if given time, construct my own sentences, all feels like a pretty big deal!


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