Ritten earth pyramids

Cactus plants in CallalbroBolzano funuvia

While in Bolzano last weekend, we caught a funicular up to Soprabolzano, a trip that covers close to 5 kilometres and provides some stunning views. We had gone to Bolzano mostly to take advantage of the H&M that is located there. Aaaahh, small town living. We also love trips to Bolzano for the tasty paprika sausage sold at carts throughout the centre of town. Lucky for us, our train home was so delayed we had time to return to town to buy some as our dinner.


Ritten earth pyramids

From the top we bought the makings of a picnic lunch then journeyed on a train to (I think) Collalbro where you can see some of Ritten’s earth pyramids.

Ritten earth pyramids

The pyramids were the kind of phenomena where you really want to get up close to try push its heavy stone crown off. Lucky for the pyramids, we were miles away on a viewing platform, and couldn’t so much as flick off a piece of dirt.

My photos don’t really do it justice, I’ve got into the later-to-be-regretted habit of only using my iphone camera and, while it’s good, it’s not that good.

It’s amazing how drastic the temperature change can be once you head up into the mountains. It was positively fresh in Soprabolzano, a nice change from the muggy crowds taking advantage of the first day of sales in Bolzano.


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