Holiday shopping

Rome on Rome: a scale model

Rome on Rome: a scale model

I have a slight weakness for tacky souvenirs. I do my best to not buy too much when I’m travelling (and when I’m at home, too), to save the environment, to save my bank balance and reduce the amount of things that surround me. I find that if I start out with the intention of not acquiring new possessions, it is easy to browse local wares and not be tempted. Something about the endless shops with endless displays of the same product is a little off putting anyway.

But, I still love to check out what a city’s souvenir stores have on offer. Buying is mostly limited to postcards, although I occasionally do take something home. Pictured above is a miniature Colosseum I bought from an outdoor stand in Rome. I also have a miniature Eiffel Tower and Golden Gate bridge in storage at my parent’s house, and the sister was sent home from Rome with her own Trevi Fountain. Should I return to Pompeii, I have every intention of buying a packet of playing cards decorated with the erotica scenes found painted on the walls of the buried city.


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