Still hiking



Really nothing has changed over here the past week, we’ve still been watching football and went hiking again on the weekend. This time we went up into the Brenta Dolomites for our hike and also threw in a little rafting for good measure. The weather for our hike was pretty miserable, especially once we got past the tree line and started heading up the side of a mountain. There was wind, rain and plenty of snow still on the ground. It was freezing! I don’t know what has happened to our Italian summer. But what we could see of the Dolomites were beautiful, so stark and craggy. Half of us cut short the walk and headed back to the car after lunch in a rifugio. I’m sadly lacking in proper hiking gear so we’re heading to Bolzano tomorrow to look for hiking shoes and a waterproof coat. So, just the necessities. We also rafted, down a churning river in Val di Sole, which was pretty awesome. This Sunday we’re doing more of the same, but this walk should involve a whole lot of tunnels. So that’s it from me. Happy week’s end, everyone.


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