Castles and bureaucracy

The sister said in a text to me that she thought I was over Italy. And yesterday I definitely was. I’ve started working through some bureaucratic procedures, nothing so difficult or complex (I think/hope), but the language barrier makes everything so hard. I dread every official interaction more difficult than buying stamps, and so my week started off with a whole lot of ugh.

But I will get over it! And today, after my third visit to the comune (and a phone call on my behalf by an Italian speaking friend), it looks like everything is going to be ok for which I am very happy**. And Saturday night saw us partying in a castle (Castello Beseno, just a little further up the valley from us), so it’s things like that that make me happy to be here.

The castle party was great, the whole thing was run by volunteers so it was free to get in, where you could then wander the grounds and visit the bands and bars that were dotted everywhere. After cycling there during the current heat wave and climbing the hill to reach the castle, we were definitely in need of the bars inside.

**Another plus, by the time this is all over I will have become a master speller of ‘bureaucracy’, I’ve written it so many times now.


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