Cimiterio monumentale di Milano


While I was in Milan with the parents, we visited the Cimiterio monumentale di Milano, the Monumental cemetery of Milan. It had been on Mum’s list of what she wanted to see last year when they came to visit but, for various reasons, it was saved for their most recent trip. Visiting cemeteries is a bit of a family thing.


The cemetery is located just behind the Porta Garibaldi train station, close to the new area of Milan that is full of elaborate skyscrapers trying to outdo each other to be the most elaborate and most shiny. I guess that the cemetery used to be located further out on the city’s outskirts, before the city crept up on it.


The cemetery is very elaborate, both in terms of its surrounding walls, and the graves and family tombs. There are many a superior photo to mine in google images, check them out for a better idea of the grand opulence of this cemetery.


Space comes at a premium in somewhere as populous as Italy, even when you’re dead. Some of the wall plaques in the interior of the surrounding cemetery walls, where ashes are kept, had notice of removal stickers on them, if their rental fee wasn’t paid to renew the space. There is no such thing as permanence, though many of the cemetery’s inhabitants are attempting immortality through memorial.



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